pass_by and Maiden Century Partner to Transform Financial Analytics with Advanced Foot Traffic Data Integration

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Maiden Century, a leader in advanced quantitative research and investment strategies. This partnership integrates pass_by’s cutting-edge foot traffic data into Maiden Century’s IDEA platform, making it easier for hedge funds using Maiden Century to run backtests on, and access pass_by’s foot traffic data.

pass_by’s AI-powered geospatial foot traffic data is built from 2.6 billion daily, anonymous geo-hits from 177 million US smartphones. This data is further refined with ground truth validation from over 100,000 Points of Interest (POIs), weather conditions, demographic data, public holidays, retail events, and COVID policies. Our rigorous validation process ensures unparalleled accuracy and actionable insights.

Delivered daily with a T+1 lag, our data provides real-time insights essential for dynamic market conditions. Segmented by brand and US Census region, with more granular outputs available upon request, pass_by’s data is mapped to over 400 tickers and 1000+ KPIs on the IDEA platform, making it an invaluable resource for financial analysts and investment professionals.

“Integrating pass_by’s foot traffic data into the IDEA platform allows potential hedge fund customers to easily test and validate our data” said Dylan Evaldsson, Chief Revenue Officer at pass_by. “This partnership further enhances our ability to provide value to the hedge fund ecosystem.”

This partnership helps underpin one of pass_by’s key core pillars of being accessible. By combining Maiden Century’s expertise in quantitative research with pass_by’s robust data capabilities, we are helping hedge funds save time and get to value sooner through our data.

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