_Shaping the future with geospatial intelligence

pass_by is an AI-powered geospatial intelligence platform, revolutionizing the way businesses understand and predict real-world behaviors and movements. By harnessing years of global data, we provide businesses with instant, affordable, and actionable insights.

_Our Products

↳ foot_traffic

foot_traffic enhances your understanding of specific locations with highly accurate and comprehensive POI visitation data, offering over 5 years of historical data as well as predictive data to comprehend location trends and seasonality.

↳ almanac

almanac by pass_by is our plug and play AI platform that enriches your geospatial intelligence, providing instant insights on over 2 million points of interest to aid in resource planning and investment.

↳ mobility_events

mobility_events by pass_by offers structured large-scale geospatial data feeds, enabling enhanced real-world analysis with billions of daily data points related to consumer devices.

_A unique approach to geospatial

Our values prioritize accuracy, ease of integration, and forward-looking insights. With ground truth validation and predictive analytics, we provide unique solutions to help understand the real world.


↳ Unrivalled Accuracy

Ground truth validation guarantees data precision, ensuring every insight derived is trustworthy.

↳ Predictive

Stay ahead with forward-thinking capabilities, anticipating market shifts and consumer behaviors.

↳ Privacy-First

All data is consented, upholding the highest standards of privacy and ethical data practices.

↳ Clean Data

Rigorous data cleaning processes guarantee purity, free from duplicates and inconsistencies.

↳ Exclusive Edge

Our unique dataset offers a distinct advantage, setting businesses apart in a saturated market.

↳ Fast Delivery

Benefit from timely data with minimal latency, ensuring immediate and impactful decision-making.

↳ Seamless Integration

Our pre-processed data ensures a plug-and-play experience, streamlining integration and maximizing efficiency.

↳ Extensive History

Harness the power of historical trends, enabling accurate future forecasts and strategic planning.

↳ Expansive Reach

Covering a vast array of devices, POI and brands, our platform provides a comprehensive market overview.

_Our story

At pass_by, we pride ourselves on delivering data that stands out in its accuracy and reliability. Unlike many other providers, our data undergoes rigorous verification through ground truth validation, ensuring that the insights you receive are not just vast but also anchored in reality. This meticulous approach to data validation means that when you work with pass_by, you’re accessing a gold standard in geospatial information, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions based on data you can trust.

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pass_by for

Retail ->

Analyze consumer behavior and understand performance. Build out your models and make your data science teams happy with our raw_events.

Finance ->

Add unique and extensive data points to your models to generate alpha. Expert signals for better yields and results in finance.

Marketing ->

Understand campaign performance better, and build highly targeted marketing audiences for a vastly improved marketing ROI.

Data providers ->

Access unique datasets that compliment your existing sources. With unrivaled accuracy and scale we support a wide variety of industries.

_Our work

At Pass_by, we pride ourselves on transforming raw data into actionable insights that drive growth and innovation. Dive into our curated selection of case studies to discover how our advanced geospatial analytics have empowered businesses across various sectors.

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Aphamap are using our foot_traffic data to power their platform to help CRE underatstand inventory better and more effectively.




Through our collaboration with Clear Channel Outdoor, we’re enhancing their understanding of real-world ad interactions and the subsequent consumer actions.

Clear Channel



pass_by’s scaled and accurate foot_traffic data helps Scanbuy attribute visits to CPG retail locations, complementing coupon redemption from their users.



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