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Sensormatic is powering operations at scale and enabling connected shopper engagement.

RetailNext is recognized as “the pulse of the store” with its leading in-store analytics used by 560+ top retail brands. 

Planalytics is a global leader in predictive weather demand analytics.

Dewey works with data vendors to bring their data into the academic market.

Eagle Alpha, the leading platform since 2012 for alternative data, connects data vendors.

Neudata was founded to provide  unbiased intelligence on the alternative data sources.

Cherre is a real estate data platform that connects decision-makers to property data.

_Our data

At the heart of pass_by lies a commitment to data excellence. Our datasets are meticulously cleaned, validated, and privacy-compliant. With a focus on historical accuracy and predictive capabilities, we offer insights that are not just vast but also precise and actionable. Dive into a world where data meets retail innovation.


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