pass_by is changing geospatial forever.

Welcome to pass_by, your trusted partner in geospatial data and predictive analytics. We are a global entity revolutionizing the retail landscape with our AI-driven geospatial solutions.

_Our team

Meet the brilliant minds behind pass_by.


↳ Sam Amrani - Founder


↳ Ricardo Masferrer Oliveira - COO & General Counsel


↳ Dylan Evaldsson - CRO


↳ Matt Taaffe - VP Product


↳ Alfonso García de Corral - VP Data Science

↳ Pablo Gómez Pérez - VP Geospatial Science

_Our values

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↳ Expertise

Leading the way in AI powered geospatial intelligence, we’re your go-to experts when it comes to the real-world.

↳ Accessibility

Tailoring solutions to your unique needs, we guarantee flexibility and ease across our end to end product set.

↳ Trust

Delivering unparalleled products with a steadfast commitment to data privacy, ensuring you can always rely on us.

pass_by's investors and advisors

At pass_by, our commitment to excellence doesn’t go unnoticed. Our company is powered by some of the most innovative minds in the wider industry.

Victor LL Chu, CBE

Founder & Chairman, First Eastern Investment Group.

Thor Bjorgolfsson

Founder & Chairman, Novator Partners LLP

Eric Sprunk

Former Chief Operating Officer, Nike, Inc.

Francisco Crespo

Fmr. Chief Growth Officer, Coca Cola Inc.

Rob Lowe

Actor & Investor

Brent Hoberman, CBE

Co-Founder, Founders Forum,

_Geospatial data that changes the game

At pass_by, we pride ourselves on delivering data that stands out in its accuracy and reliability. Unlike many other providers, our data undergoes rigorous verification through ground truth validation, ensuring that the insights you receive are not just vast but also anchored in reality. This meticulous approach to data validation means that when you work with pass_by, you’re accessing a gold standard in geospatial information, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions based on data you can trust.

_Our impact

Over the years, pass_by has transformed the operations of countless businesses, from optimizing retail store locations to informing high-stakes financial decisions. Our case studies showcase the tangible impact of our data on various industries

Read all of our case studies →


Alphamap are using our foot_traffic data to power their platform to help CRE understand inventory better and more effectively.

↳ Alphamap


Through our collaboration with Clear Channel Outdoor, we’re enhancing their understanding of real-world ad interactions and consumer actions.

↳ Clear Channel


pass_by’s scaled and accurate foot_traffic data helps Scanbuy attribute visits to CPG retail locations, complementing coupon redemption from their users.

↳ Scanbuy