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Generate alpha through an exclusive alternative dataset that has the highest accuracy on market

_Sourcing & strategy with pass_by

Financial Planning ->

Utilize pass_by’s insights to align with fiscal objectives and ensure long-term profitability.

Alt Datasets ->

Dive into unique data sources with pass_by to uncover hidden market opportunities.

Trend Analysis ->

Stay ahead of the curve by anticipating market shifts using pass_by’s advanced analytics.

_Data science with pass_by

Financial Modeling ->

Leverage pass_by’s data capabilities to refine and optimize predictive financial models.

Market Analysis ->

Delve into detailed quantitative studies with pass_by to decode intricate market dynamics.

Decision Making ->

Utilize pass_by’s comprehensive datasets to make informed, strategic financial choices.

_Investment strategy with pass_by

Strategic Investment ->

Utilize pass_by’s insights to fine-tune and enhance your investment approaches.

Opportunity ->

Leverage pass_by’s data to pinpoint high-potential investment avenues ahead of the curve.

Risk Mitigation ->

Rely on pass_by’s real-time market intelligence to proactively identify and navigate potential investment risks.

Unlease geospatial for finance

Understanding the intricacies of the financial world requires data that’s both comprehensive and precise. At pass_by, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled geospatial intelligence, backed by ground truth verification and AI-driven insights. Our data isn’t just vast—it’s meticulously curated and verified, ensuring you have the most accurate and actionable information at your fingertips.

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_Why pass_by

↳ Accuracy 

In the world of finance, accuracy isn’t just preferred—it’s imperative. Our data undergoes meticulous ground truth validation, ensuring that you’re basing your decisions on the most reliable geospatial insights available.

↳ Extensive data history

Historical data provides context, and with pass_by, you gain access to an extensive history of geospatial data. This allows for trend analysis, understanding past market movements, and predicting future ones.

↳ Ambitious scale

Our vast scale, especially in the US, ensures that you’re never missing out on crucial data points. From devices to points of interest, our coverage is expansive.

↳ Comprehensive dataset

Dive into a rich dataset that offers more than just numbers. Understand demographics, psychographics, trade areas, and more, giving you a holistic view of the financial landscape.

↳ Exclusive dataset

Gain a unique advantage with datasets that are exclusive to pass_by. In a world where everyone has access to information, stand out with insights that aren’t available to your competitors.

_Data that works with finance

from tickerization to low latency, we know how important it is to provide the right data.