_Unprecedented insight into retail properties powered by the most accurate source of consumer foot traffic

Predictive Insight

Harness the power of predictive analytics. With Almanac, anticipate consumer behavior up to 3 months in advance, optimizing store hours and planning impactful marketing campaigns.

Plug & Play Platform

Almanac is your immediate gateway to consumer insights. No data science expertise or intricate integrations needed. Start deriving value from day one.

Disruptive Pricing

Our data products are fairly priced, meaning no matter the size of your business you can leverage AI and ML powered consumer analytics.

Enabling data-driven decision-making with accurate, actionable insight on retail properties.

From store operations to retail planning, online insights are not just for the e-commerce realm. Understand offline consumer behavior, make informed decisions for your real estate ventures, and stay ahead of the competition.

↳ Store Operations

Forecast demand to optimize your supply chain and maximize working capital.

↳ Retail Planning

Identify trending areas for key targeted demographics and capitalize on demand.

↳ Customer Analaytics

Segment offline consumers based on demographics and behavior.

↳ Real Estate Brokers

Make more deals quickly, with data driven insights helping power your presentations.

↳ Landlords

Use world class data to make informed decisions on your next acquisition.

↳ Retailers

Remove the risk of planning for your next site, with our Chain Ranking Table.


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median monthly correlation


points of interest


brands and chains

Our Foot Traffic Data

Almanac combines world-class data with advanced AI to offer retailers immediate and affordable insights. With data spanning over 5 years, we provide a pre-pandemic benchmark. Dive into billions of data points across the US, always prioritizing privacy and ethical sourcing.

Using the latest machine learning techniques we analyze billions of data points across the US to help understand consumer needs, interpret their needs and discover what drives consumer decisions. Always anonymized and ethically sourced, our data puts privacy first.

Site Ranking

Benchmark performance of a point of interest against locations on a national, state, local or custom level.

Location Insights

Discover the underlying trends in any given area and optimize deployment of your stores, local or nationwide.

Custom Reports

Don’t work hard to gather data, let the data work for you. Use the insights you need to elevate your next pitch.

Visitor Destinations

Find out where your customers go after they visit you to get ahead of the curve on your next site.

Forecasted Visits

Analyze predictive foot traffic to plan your operations, supply chain and staffing through foot traffic location data insights.

Historical Visits

Retrospectively analyze the busyness of your stores to gauge the performance of your business.

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