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Our tools offer unparalleled insights into real-world behaviors and movements, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that maximize returns and minimize risks.


How we help commercial real estate

Acquisitions ->

↳ Asset Performance Analysis: Evaluate the current performance of assets, including anchors, comparing them against peers, categories, and the overall market.

↳ Foot Traffic Insights: Access historical foot traffic data to discern overall trends, understand the submarket dynamics, and identify which categories are flourishing or underperforming.

Asset Management ->

↳ Performance Tracking: Monitor how centers and anchors are performing, with a focus on foot traffic trends and predictive outlooks.

↳ Tenant Watch List: Identify underperforming tenants, anticipate potential vacancies, and devise strategies to support and revitalize these tenants.

Leasing ->

↳ Demographic & Psychographic Analysis: Understand who you serve and what additional services or retailers could complement the existing mix.

↳ Trade Area Exploration: Analyze where else your visitors shop and consider bringing those services to your center.

_Our Products for CRE

↳ almanac

almanac by pass_by is our plug and play AI platform that enriches your geospatial intelligence, providing instant insights on over 2 million points of interest to aid in resource planning and investment.

↳ foot_traffic

foot_traffic enhances your understanding of specific locations with highly accurate and comprehensive POI visitation data, offering over 5 years of historical data as well as predictive data to comprehend location trends and seasonality.

↳ mobility_events

mobility_events by pass_by offers structured large-scale geospatial data feeds, enabling enhanced real-world analysis with billions of daily data points that help us illuminate and forecast consumer demand.

_Features tailored to CRE

Our values prioritize accuracy, ease of integration, and forward-looking insights. With ground truth validation and predictive analytics, we provide unique solutions to help understand the real world.

↳ Investment Evaluation

Leverage pass_by data to make informed decisions on new investments. Understand the underlying performance metrics and future potential of properties.

↳ Visitor Trend Analysis

Gain insights into visitor patterns at current or potential properties to gauge attractiveness and performance.

↳ Market and Trade Area

Enhance your market analysis using pass_by's detailed geospatial data, providing a deeper understanding of trade areas and market dynamics.

↳ Customer Profiling

Utilize pass_by demographic insights to create detailed customer profiles, understanding their behavior and preferences.

↳ Benchmarking

Our unique dataset offers a distinct advantage, setting businesses apart in a saturated market.

↳ Site Performance

Utilize pass_by's tools to monitor and enhance the performance of your commercial sites, identifying key areas for growth and improvement.

_Unmatched Accuracy and Predictive Power in CRE

At the core of pass_by’s success is our unwavering commitment to data excellence. Our datasets are meticulously cleaned, validated, and privacy-compliant, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

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_Our work

At pass_by, we pride ourselves on transforming data into actionable insights that drive growth and innovation. Dive into our curated selection of case studies to discover how our advanced geospatial analytics have empowered businesses across various sectors.

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Alphamap are using our foot_traffic data to power their platform to help CRE understand inventory better and more effectively.




Through our collaboration with Clear Channel Outdoor, we’re enhancing their understanding of real-world ad interactions and conversions.

Clear Channel



pass_by’s scaled and accurate foot_traffic data helps Scanbuy attribute visits to CPG retail locations, and coupon redemption.



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