the future of retail is pass_by.

Dive into a new era of retail insights, powered by predictive geospatial intelligence.

pass_by for retail

_Store operations

Optimize store performance, understand peak hours, and enhance customer experience with real-time geospatial insights.

_Demand planners

Forecast product demand, manage inventory efficiently, and anticipate market shifts with predictive analytics.

_Customer analytics

Dive deep into consumer behavior, derive actionable insights from vast datasets, and refine retail strategies with precision.

_Real estate

Make informed decisions on store locations, understand area-specific consumer behavior, and maximize ROI on real estate investments.

_Our data

At the heart of pass_by lies a commitment to data excellence. Our datasets are meticulously cleaned, validated, and privacy-compliant. With a focus on historical accuracy and predictive capabilities, we offer insights that are not just vast but also precise and actionable. Dive into a world where data meets retail innovation.


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