_Our data methodology

Dive deep into our meticulous approach to data processing and understand why our data stands out in accuracy, reliability, and relevance.

↳ Ground-Truth Verification

Our data isn’t just vast; it’s verified against real-world scenarios.

↳ Machine Learning Excellence

Our algorithms are powered by advanced machine learning, ensuring precision.

↳ Unparalleled Scale

With data covering a vast range of POIs and events, our scale is unmatched.

Validation is at the heart of our methodology

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At pass_by we value quality over quantity. We consistently validate our results against ground truth and real world outcomes to improve our models and provide better results for our clients.

_Our data principles

↳ Time series modelled

Our advanced models dissect data into trend, seasonality, regressors, and noise, ensuring you get a holistic view.

↳ Regressor ready

From public holidays to sudden weather changes, our models factor in real-world events for unparalleled accuracy.

↳ Ready for real-time

In a dynamic world, stale data isn’t an option. Our models are designed to capture and reflect real-time changes, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

↳ Validation

Our data undergoes stringent internal checks to ensure consistency against real-world ground truth data.

↳ POI refined

Whether it’s a bustling mall or a quiet café, our Point-of-Interest data dives deep, offering accurate insights.

↳ Actionability

Every piece of data undergoes rigorous processing to ensure it’s not just accurate, but actionable.

Your Trust, Our Priority

At pass_by we prioritize privacy alongside providing accurate location analytics. We only work with anonymised data points. Our commitment extends to robust data security, employing end-to-end encryption and adhering to ISO 27001 standards. Trust and transparency are at the heart of our mission, ensuring our customers receive unparalleled insights without compromising individual privacy.

Using the latest machine learning techniques we analyze billions of data points to help understand consumer needs, interpret their needs and discover what drives consumer decisions. Always anonymized and dilligently sourced, our data puts privacy first.


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