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Dive into a new era of retail insights, powered by predictive geospatial intelligence.

pass_by for retail

_Store operations

Learn more about how pass_by is helping store ops achieve their goals

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_Demand planners

Better data means better demand planning. Find out how pass_by helps improve

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_Customer analytics

Better insights lead to enhanced customer understanding. See how pass_by elevates customer analytics

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_Real estate

Strategic location decisions powered by precision. Explore how pass_by transforms real estate analytics

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_Store operations & pass_by

Optimize store performance, understand peak hours, and enhance customer experience with real-time geospatial insights.

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↳ Increase performance

Boost store efficiency by analyzing foot traffic patterns and optimizing staff allocation during peak hours.

↳ Analyze behavior

Gain insights into customer dwell times, helping to refine store layout and product placements for an improved shopping experience.

_Demand planners & pass_by

Forecast product demand, manage inventory efficiently, and anticipate market shifts with predictive analytics.

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↳ Forecast demand

Utilize geospatial insights to enhance the accuracy of demand forecasts.

Identify patterns in geospatial data to predict seasonal product demands.

↳ Supply chain

Streamline supply chain processes.

Choose suppliers based on geospatial data to reduce lead times.

Use geospatial analytics to identify potential supply chain disruptions.

↳ Market research

Understand changing consumer preferences.

Monitor competitors’ market presence and strategies.

Spot potential new markets or niches using geospatial data trends.

_Customer analytics & pass_by

Dive deep into consumer behavior, derive actionable insights from vast datasets, and refine retail strategies with precision.

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↳ Understand consumers

Segment customers based on behavior and location.

Understand the geospatial journey of customers leading to purchases.

Identify potential churn areas using geospatial data trends.

↳ Improve local strategy

Develop retail strategies tailored to specific geospatial regions.

Measure the impact of promotions in different geospatial areas.

Use geospatial insights to optimize store layouts for maximum customer engagement.

_Real estate & pass_by

Make informed decisions on store locations, understand area-specific consumer behavior, and maximize ROI on real estate investments.

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↳ Site Selection

Utilize geospatial insights to identify prime locations for new stores or properties, ensuring maximum foot traffic and profitability.

↳ Area Insights

Analyze local consumer behavior and preferences to tailor property offerings and amenities, enhancing tenant or buyer satisfaction.

↳ ROI Maximization

Leverage geospatial data to assess property value trends and make informed investment decisions, ensuring the best returns on real estate investments.

_Our data

At the heart of pass_by lies a commitment to data excellence. Our datasets are meticulously cleaned, validated, and privacy-compliant. With a focus on historical accuracy and predictive capabilities, we offer insights that are not just vast but also precise and actionable. Dive into a world where data meets retail innovation.


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