pass_by and Cherre Partner to Help Retail Landlords Maximize Geospatial Insights

New York, May 7, 2024 — We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Cherre, the real estate industry’s leading data management platform. In this partnership, Cherre will make pass_by’s ground-truth foot_traffic data available within its platform so mutual clients can integrate verified foot traffic data with other financial and operational data to unlock new property-level trusted insights. 

“We’re excited about furthering our distribution via Cherre” said Dylan Evaldsson, Chief Revenue Officer of pass_by. “Partnering with Cherre will allow us to demonstrate the impact that AI can have on data accuracy, especially in small, hard to verify locations. Viewing ground-truth verified data alongside other core datasets for retail owners and operators, unlocks a whole new level of insights and capabilities.” 

pass_by’s foot_traffic data model uses ground truth data from stores to provide a more accurate dataset which enables deeper understanding of specific locations. Combining pass_by’s data with financial, operational, and other third-party data opens up new, previously unidentified revenue opportunities without encumbering landlords or occupants. Making pass_by’s data available within Cherre also streamlines solution implementation and data integration for owners and operators that are mutual customers of both companies. 

“Cherre is proud to partner with pass_by,” said Kevin Shtofman, Head of Innovation at Cherre. “Facilitating data that helps our mutual clients make informed decisions on store locations, and understand area-specific consumer behavior, drives portfolio-wide ROI. As the retail sector continues to innovate, we’re excited to be alongside them in this journey.”

About Cherre

Cherre is the real estate industry’s leading data management platform. Our end-to-end platform helps clients breakdown silos and transform their disparate data so they can automate workflows, increase efficiencies, build better models, reduce risks, and make smarter decisions with confidence. With Cherre, clients can quickly identify opportunities to increase profitability, gain visibility into market trends, and make strategic moves in response to changing market conditions based on trusted data-driven insights. Cherre launched in 2016 and is located in New York City.

About pass_by

pass_by is an AI-powered geospatial insights platform, revolutionizing the way businesses understand and predict real-world behaviors and movements. By harnessing years of global data, we provide businesses with instant, affordable, and actionable foot traffic data and insights.

At pass_by, we offer the highest in market accuracy with 94% correlation to ground truth, over 15 data inputs, and a full 90 days of predictive feeds. Book a call now.

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