Best Alternatives and Competitors

Looking for a location intelligence service like Depending on what you need your provider to do and your budget, there are many alternatives to consider. We’ll run you through the big and the smaller names to help you find the right competitor. 

All information correct as of June 2024. 

Here’s our list of the top alternatives and top competitors: 

  • Precisely
  • Safegraph
  • pass_by
  • Unacast
  • Echo Analytics
  • Dataplor
  • Qilk
  • What’s the best alternative?
  • Precisely

    Precisely is today’s leading data integrity company. 

    Precisely map tool dashboard


    Data privacy: “As a global company, Precisely complies with applicable international privacy and data protections laws, including the implementation of the various requirements of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).”

    • Over 500 datasets 
    • Includes more than 250 countries 
    • Powers decision making for over 12,000 organizations  

    For users interested in real estate and investing, the handy Risk Analyzer feature can tell you details important for insurance underwriters assessing risk to give you an accurate price premium. 

    Precisely is one of the few data providers we found working on a credits pricing system. This does mean they offer a free version for 30 days with up to 2,500 credits. After that, prices scale with how many credits you want for your account and custom plans of over 100,000 credits are also available.

    While slightly less easy to understand at first glance, Precisely’s pricing system does offer flexibility. Those interested in its tools should try the free version to get an idea if how many credits they actually need. 

    Overall, Precisely is useful in certain cases for city planning, real estate, and other tasks which require location intelligence. Users seeking demographic, psychographic, and foot traffic data will need to look elsewhere. 


    The most accurate database of global points of interest

    Safegraph POI map data


    Data privacy: “SafeGraph does not sell data that identifies individuals, nor can our data be “de-anonymized” using any known method of re-identification. Our data products provide historical insights about places, not the individual people who visit them.” 

    • POI data updated every month
    • Niche POI data included
    • Pay an annual fee for the features you choose

    Safegraph is one of Placer’s main competitors. It offers a vast array of global Point of Interest (POI) data including, but not limited to: EV station locations, catchment areas, open hours, category tags, and much more. 

    When you’re looking for accurate POI data, it’s important to choose a alternative that offers regular updates. SafeGraph states they issue “updates to Places once per month, which is much more frequently than other POI vendors, who may update once every 3-6 months.” 

    While Safegraph does offer a vast amount of POI data that’s updated on a monthly basis, this doesn’t include foot traffic visits or predictive insights. For those looking to replace’s footfall data software and analytics, Safegraph isn’t suitable. 

    Safegraph occasionally offers free datasets so you can dip your toe in the pool without fully jumping in. This can be a quick way to compare Safegraph to other alternatives on this list. Like the rest, you can also book a demo. 


    AI-powered geospatial insights platform with marketing leading data accuracy 

    Almanac by pass_by dashboard platform


    Data privacy: “We only work with anonymised data points. Our commitment extends to robust data security, employing end-to-end encryption and adhering to ISO 27001 standards.”

    • Highest in market accuracy with 94% correlation to ground truth
    • Over 15 data inputs
    • Full 90 days of predictive feeds with up to 90% accuracy 

    pass_by is a geospatial insights platform offering actionable insights for the real estate, finance and retail industries. Data provided includes foot traffic, location data, competitive intelligence, benchmarking reports, demographic, and pyschographic. pass_by currently only offers data for the United States. 

    pass_by foot traffic data sources

    Unique for AI-powered insights, we offer 90 days of predictive foot traffic insights. This can help retailers adjust open times, staffing arrangements, inventory, and expectations. These insights are equally useful for finance and real estate professionals to inform decision making. is known for its numerous partners, which enables features and unique offerings. pass_by was only founded in 2023 compared to’s 2013, so doesn’t have as many partners. This number is however increasing and now includes SensormaticRetailNextPlanalytics, and Dewey among others. 

    Book a call with our team now for further information. 


    Location intelligence solutions for every phase of the data analytics journey

    Unacast trade area analysis


    Data privacy: ” All of Unacast’s data is privacy-compliant in the markets in which we operate.”

    • Visualize data for any U.S. location
    • Aggregated consumer behaviour data 
    • Competitive intelligence data 

    The vast majority of Unacast’s data (location insights and foot traffic) are US only. There is some general international location based intelligence, but this isn’t where Unacast excels.

    One of the few downsides of Unacast is its data sources. According to its own website “Unacast gathers first-party GPS data from smartphones and mobile apps through direct partnerships with providers, with opt-in consent from users.” Other providers such as and pass_by offer more data sources without over reliance on GPS data.  

    Unacast’s prices are based on the features you’d like to use, so it’s prices are built on request and you have to contact their team for a quote. From various reviews, we’ve gathered that Unacast can be more affordable than, but it varies depending on the features you select. 

    Echo Analytics

    Go from raw, unprocessed data to reliable, secure, and scalable geospatial datasets

    Echo Analytics POS Analysis


    • Covers over 70 million locations worldwide 
    • 95% polygon coverage 
    • Aggregate terabytes of data into light files

    Echo Analytics does focus on providing data. They only do visualizations of said data through their (paid and unpaid) partnerships. If you’re used to using, Echo Analytics will feel different and may take a little bit to get used to. 

    Echo Analytics is one of the top alternatives for the volume of global data it is able to provide. The only downside being its sources aren’t fully transparent. Echo Analytics states, “We aggregate data from a variety of sources to ensure reliability.” For interested users, asking about data sources and accuracy in order to compare to other alternatives should be on your to do list. 


    The industry’s leading provider of global POI data. 

    Dr. Beth Crane, Chief Data Operations Officer at Dataplor discusses the importance of location intelligence and how it can revolutionize your business.


    Data privacy: “The company does not collect or share any personally identifiable information (PII). All dataplor’s datasets are gathered through publicly available data or direct contact.”

    • Covers over 250 million locations globally 
    • Offers proprietary metadata, geometry data, and brand data 
    • Includes machine learning (ML) capabilities 

    dataplor does offer free samples so you can test out their data. As for their prices, dataplor doesn’t outright state prices as this varies depending on the features and subscription you select. According to, dataplor’s “starting price per record ranges from $0.005 – $0.07 depending on the geography and desired refresh rate (weekly, monthly, or quarterly).”

    However we recommend, if you’re interested in their services, asking for price details with their team. Other alternatives such as Unacast have more straightforward pricing. 


    Market leading data integration tool 


    Data privacy: “Qlik complies with relevant privacy laws, including but not limited to the EU & UK GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA, Brazil’s LGPD, Singapore’s PDPA and California’s CCPA” 

    • Free trial currently available 
    • Consolidate large amounts of raw data 
    • Helpful knowledge center and community support 
    • AI-powered insights 

    Qilk takes raw data, puts it into a data analytics platform, and gives you insights. The platform can be used across the company by various teams to help you achieve your goals. 

    Qilk is a suitable alternative to companies who already have access to raw data, either from internal or external sources, who wish to consolidate the information and share it across the company. 

    However, Qilk is only a data integration tool. It lacks further data sources and the partnerships that Placer brings to the table making it a niche but useful service to those who require this type of service.  

    What’s the best alternative?

    There are many alternatives on the market. Which one is best for you depends on what you need it to do. Echo Analytics or Dataplor may be the best alternative if you need global location data analytics. For US-only foot traffic and geospatial insights, pass_by and Unacast are strong alternatives. 

    At pass_by, we offer the highest in market accuracy with 94% correlation to ground truth, over 15 data inputs, and a full 90 days of predictive feeds. Book a call now.

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