Dewey & pass_by: A Partnership Powering Academic Research with Advanced Foot Traffic Data

At pass_by, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to expand the reach and impact of our data. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Dewey, a renowned academic data platform. This partnership will enable academics from around the world to delve into our branded US consumer foot traffic data, offering a comprehensive view of mobility trends, brand loyalty, and more for a variety of research projects.

Who are we?

When it comes to Geospatial Data, accuracy is everything. Ground truth verification is our commitment to ensuring that every piece of data we provide is not just accurate but verifiable against real-world conditions. It’s a rigorous process, but one that guarantees our clients unparalleled reliability.

AI is not just a buzzword for us; it’s the backbone of our operations. The geospatial industry has long been in need of a paradigm shift, a move away from traditional methods that often fall short of capturing the nuances of dynamic environments. With AI, we’re not just collecting data; we’re interpreting it, analyzing it, and predicting patterns. It’s this predictive intelligence that sets pass_by apart, ensuring that businesses don’t just react to changes but anticipate them.

The pass_by & Dewey Synergy

By partnering with Dewey, pass_by is unlocking access to this predictive intelligence for academic research teams. Traditionally, third-party data has been difficult for researchers to source and leverage in their work; Dewey removes these barriers by sourcing, negotiating, and managing license terms with data providers so academics can focus on analysis. Pass_by’s partnership with Dewey provides unprecedented access to cutting-edge, AI-based geospatial insights for academics, paving the way for a wide range of innovative research topics.

The pass_by team is very excited to partner with Dewey to bring our game-changing data to the academic research community. We’re hoping to foster innovation and ensure that insights are privacy-compliant, real-world-based, and backed by cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms

Sam Amrani, Founder & CEO of pass_by.

What Insights Does pass_by Offer?

Dewey subscribers can now access foot traffic data for over 3M Points of Interest (POIs) in the US, spanning 7K+ brands, 43M devices, and 6B+ daily data points. This rich dataset, combined with two years of historical foot traffic data, is set to fuel academic research into evolving consumer mobility trends.

How Can Academics Access pass_by Data?

Through our collaboration with Dewey, academic researchers can now seamlessly access our Foot Traffic Analytics data. We’re also offering free samples for those keen on exploring the depth and breadth of our dataset. You can learn more about accessing pass_by data via Dewey here.

Engage with Us!

We invite the academic community and other interested parties to join discussions about leveraging pass_by data for research. Dewey’s active community of thousands of global researchers is a great place to see how others are leveraging foot traffic data in their research, and inspire new topics and methodologies. Dive into our data schema or reach out to us directly for any queries.

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