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Discover The Apex of Foot Traffic Data: From High Streets to Malls, Local Small Shops to Global Brands, pass_by offers precise, foot traffic data and insights, ensuring your retail strategy is powered by clarity and accuracy, not overwhelmed by it.

It's time to ditch low quality data

Your current foot traffic provider

~65% correlation to ground truth
  • No ground truth data source, just 1st gen location data
  • Insights stop at the front door of centres
  • No predictive capabilities to look forward
  • Changing historical data with short history
  • Struggle with small spaces and tiny stores
  • <5 data inputs

pass_by foot traffic data

94+% correlation to ground truth
  • Ground truth sensor verified, highest in market accuracy
  • In-mall insights and centre analysis
  • Full 90 day predictive feeds
  • Static and robust historical data with 4 year history
  • Powerful in small stores with low noise
  • 15+ data inputs

In-mall accuracy, with powerful small store support

Our data excels in delivering precise in-mall foot traffic insights, surpassing competitors with limited interior data. Unlike others, we accurately capture consumer behavior in malls, downtown retail districts, and small spaces such as salons and mobile stores, where traditional GPS data often falls short. This enables a deep understanding of footfall dynamics across diverse retail environments, ensuring our data is both comprehensive and reliable for all retail sizes and locations.

_Why foot_traffic

↳ Ground truth verified

When we talk about accuracy, we mean it. Our footfall model uses ground truth data, from stores to provide a more accurate data set than any of the competition.

↳ Historical Data

foot_traffic enhances your understanding of specific locations with unrivaled visitation data, offering over 4 years of historical data to comprehend location trends and seasonality.

↳ Enriched visitor data

Our data set includes a comprehensive supporting data set that includes demographics, psychographics, trade areas and more.

↳ Predictive

Our data doesn’t just tell you what’s happening now; it predicts future trends, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

↳ Powered by AI

Our foot traffic data is powered by cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms, providing you with faster and more accurate insights.

_Case studies with foot_traffic

Dive into our curated selection of case studies to discover how our foot_traffic has empowered businesses across various sectors.

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Alphamap are using our foot_traffic data to power their platform to help CRE understand inventory better and more effectively.


pass_by’s scaled and accurate foot_traffic data helps Scanbuy attribute visits to CPG retail locations, complementing coupon redemption from their users.

_foot_traffic use cases

↳ Comprehensive AI visitation data

Using pass_by's AI data, retailers can predict peak visit times and recurring customer patterns. This enables optimized stock levels, streamlined store operations, and efficient staff scheduling to meet demand.

↳ Look forward to predict sales and performance

Harness pass_by's predictive analytics to anticipate sales trends, allowing retailers to adjust store hours and craft timely marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

↳ Full competitor analysis

Leverage detailed competitor insights to identify market gaps and opportunities. By understanding customer demographics and seasonal shifts, retailers can refine their offerings and outpace competitors.

↳ Brand and chain ready for integration

For brands of all sizes, foot_traffic brings a smooth data integration experience. Whether a standalone store or a global chain, benefit from custom solutions that align with your operational needs.

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